Common Questions

Always Earth Friendly
LED Linear
Always Earth Friendly
LED High Bay Fixture
Q.  How does the AEF LED unit get its power?

A. The 3' power whip wires directly to the incoming line voltage: hot & neutral
which bypasses the existing ballast.  Then simply plug it into the LED unit and it lights up.

Q. Do these LED units energize the existing lamp holders and do you have to replace the lamp holders?

A.No, the lamp holders are not used at all. The LED units magnetize to the top of the fixtures.  Using a screw for additional holding power can be done with two different types of clips that are available.  No additional kits or costs are involved.

Q. How long are these LED units?

A. 44 1/2" long from end to end - they fit easily between the existing lamp holders-even T5 troffers and T5 high bays can be retrofitted​  without any additional kits.

Q. Can you de-lamp?

A. Yes, since these give off up to 185 lumens per watt (which is the highest lumens per watt of most any LED units on the market) they can easily be de-lamped. The HO AEFDirectConnectLED is up to 179 lumens per watt.

Q. Can you center them in the unit when you de-lamp

A. Yes, because of the magnets that are on the back of the LED units, you can position them anywhere in the unit. You will not be able to tell that fluorescent lamps have been removed or that the fixture has been de-lamped.

Q. Can you connect units within a fixture without rewiring each of the units to the incoming line voltage?

A. Yes, just wire the 3' power whip to the first unit and clip in the jumper whips from one unit to the next up to 240' = 277V and 120' = 120V (including whip length).  Perfect for end to end fixtures

Q. Can you retrofit an existing T12 or T8 8' fluorescent fixture?

A. Yes, connect two 4' units using the 2" connector whip to make an 8'. Many utility companies are giving rebates to AEF where other LED's cannot get rebates.

Q. Can you de-lamp two 8' fluorescent lamps?

A. Yes, because the AEFDirectConnectLED® units have such a high lumen per watt package

Q. Can you link these units together when you have end to end fixtures?

A. Yes, clip in the jumper whips to connect the units up to 240' (277v) and only wire to the incoming line voltage on the first unit.  Simply magnetize the rest of the units to the fixtures

Q. Can I install a new LED High Bay?

A. Yes, the AEF LED high bay fixture is high lumens per watt and easy to install​​

Q. Can I retrofit an existing T8/T5 high bay fixture instead of replacing it with a new LED fixture?

A. Absolutely.  Because the AEFDirectConnectLED® does not use existing lamp holders and it  is shorter (44.5") than all other LED units on the market (48"), they will easily fit in the existing fixture.  Just magnetize them to the fixture and center them when you de-lamp.  Fast and simple. Mechanical fastening included.

Q. Can this LED unit be used in a 120v or 277v fixture?

A. Yes, the AEFDirectConnectLED® unit is a universal LED unit.

Q. Do you have a waterproof LED unit?

A.  Yes, the  Linkable waterproof series of LED fixtures are available and can also be linked together, wiring at the incoming line voltage and then screwing in the jumper whips from one unit to the next.

Linkable Waterproof Tri Proof LED FixtureLink fixtures up to 120' (including whips)

Waterproof Rating is IP67
Rated as "dust tight" and protected against immersion. for 30 minutes at depths 150mm - 1000mm

.vs IP65 rated as "dust tight" and protected against water projected from a nozzle.

.vs IP66 Enclosure - IP rated as "dust tight" and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.

Q. Can I save additional energy because the units do not give off as much heat as a T8 -T12 or T5 lamp?

A.  YES, that is correct.  Our calculations will show how much your air conditioning costs can be reduced. 

Q. Are the AEFDirectConnectLED® units DLC approved so we can get rebates?

A. Yes.  All of the DirectConnectLED® units are DLC approved for rebates as a "retrofit kit" .vs a "tube" and as a linear ambient luminaire.  In many areas, this will allow higher rebates. Check with your utility provider.

Q. How much do I save?

A. Your electrical light savings will be reduced between 30-70% (de-lamping would be 70%+). (This will depend on what your existing lighting wattage is and what your new wattage will be)

Q.  What is a typical return on investment?

A. The ROI (Return On Investment) averages about 12-24 months based on the U.S. average current kWh costs. If lights are burning 24/7, the ROI can be less than 12 months. Some of our recent projects, including installation and rebates are coming in less than 6 months.

Q.  Do the AEFDirectConnectLED® retrofits have a UL rating?

A.  The LED's are ETL certified under UL standards. 

Q.  Can I use these units in a vapor tight fixture?

A. Yes - You can also replace vapor tight fixtures using the waterproof Tri Proof LED fixtures.

Q.  Do the LED units flicker and hum like fluorescent lights?

A. No. They do not flicker or hum. 

Q.  Do you have an LED product that will replace a metal halide or HID unit?

A. Yes, our LED high bay fixture produces up to 179 lumens per watt and can save up to 79% in energy savings.

Q.  How long is the manufacturer's warranty for the LED?

A. Seven Year manufacturer's warranty which is non-prorated - compare this to other 5 year warranties that require a 10% failure rate before any warranty replacements are given.

Q.  How long will the LED units last?

A. >50,000 life in a 120 degree environment and >75,000 hours in a 77 degree environment

Q.  Can installing a better quality of light and more light increase productivity and decrease absenteeism?

A. Yes, it this has been proven to be fact and there are many studies and white papers on the internet that discuss the percentages and the money that is saved annually by companies.