Benefits of T5 Adapters

Convert existing T12 and T8 bulbs to LED & T5 fluorescent using

Always Earth Friendly's Plug & Play Lighting Retrofits

Save  30% up to 70% on your lighting
energy costs

  • Retrofit existing T12 or T8 fluorescent fixtures - 2', 3', 4' and 8'
  • No need to worry about replacing old and broken lamp holders - they are not energized
  • 1/2 the cost of new fixtures
  • Less wattage used - as low as 12 watts
  • More lumens per watt
  • Lower air conditioning costs - reduced heat in the building from these units
  • Ease of installation - about 3 minutes - saves on installation costs/increases ROI
  • Productivity can be increased with better lighting and less absenteeism
  • Payback period from 12 to 24 months
  • Less to maintain - never get into the ballast area again
  • Save on disposal costs - leave old heavy ballasts in the fixture - low mercury in T5 lamps-none in LED
  • No conversion "kits" needed - saves on product cost and labor
  • 50,000 hour ballast life
  • 5 year non-prorated warranty
  • ETL certified - UL rated on every unit
  • DLC approval pending on LED units

The simple answer is NO. 

  *  Others on the market are old or original generation that energizes the existing lamp holders
  *  The AEF plug & play is the newest generation of T5 retrofit adapters
  *  Old generation adapters on the market wire to the incoming line voltage to the lamp holders making
      them "hot" with up to 277v going through them.  Note the metal pins on the old style adapters.
      The AEF plug & play has plastic pins
  *  The plug & play does NOT energize the lamp holders - but connects directly to the incoming line voltage
      Old or broken lamp holders are no longer a concern and do not have to replaced at an additional cost.
      If there is good power coming into the fixture, the AEF units will light up.
  *  The plug & play ballast is rated at 60,000 hours - 5 year warranty - others are not that long
  *  Many on the market are not UL rated.  This could be a major insurance issue if something goes wrong

                               HOW DOES THE AEF PLUG & PLAY LED UNIT COMPARE
* More lumens per watt >120 lm/w allow these LED units to be de-lamped...HUGE savings on product
     & labor

* Existing ballast is NOT reused - after all, how much remaining life does it have left before it
     has to be changed out at additional costs in product and labor??  Will the lumen or light output
     look the same if there are different aging ballasts that are driving the light output?
   * Some LED units require that you replace your existing ballast at an add'l labor & product cost
   * 3 minute installation - NEVER get into the ballast area again
   * Lamp holders are NOT energized
   * No need to replace old or shunted lamp holders at additional product and labor costs
   * Simply magnetize the LED unit to the fixture - It's simple, saves on labor, and centers the units
   * No conversion "kits" are needed.  Self contained unit.

* Overcome budget constraints 
* Conserver working capital and preserve credit lines
* Take advantage of available tax benefits while they are being offered

Overcome budget constraints by looking into financing programs.  AEF has top rated companies that they work with that understands the significant savings lighting retrofits provide.  Use your monthly utility savings to make a monthly payment.  At the end of the finance period, you own the adapters.

This group has a variety of financing structures specifically designed to work with your budget.  They will allow you to bundle charges (including installation) related to the project into a single monthly payment and because the utility energy savings is so large they will often work out to be a breakeven payment or even monthly savings comparted to current utility costs.  They offer financing from $3,000 to $5,000000.

Our agent can provide state and local government customers with tax exempt pricing and structures unique to their market.


Contact us today for a free estimate and pricing and start saving energy.  AEF will be glad to calculate your potential energy savings by installing our T5 retrofit adapters

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